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EDGE # Adrian Panuś 2013

EDGE # Adrian Panuś 2013 from EDGE on Vimeo.

#1 | Sinal dnia December 11 2013 16:37:53
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#2 | basketball dnia January 07 2014 12:15:52
The &#8216;comic&#8217; set pieces meanwhile had become so laboured they were irritating and even embarrassing as the occasion of Watson's wedding was uncommonly conventional, lacking in Sherlock's usual tension and verve.The sobering conclusion we were left to draw with was that Sherlock now resembled a crime variation of &#8216;Carry On Doctor Watson&#8217; or Doctor Who for grown ups - not what we want from stories involving the great Holmes at all.Even the case it opened with before the credits sequence proved totally pointless.&#8216;Bank Gang Leave Cops Clueless&#8217; a whirl of newspapers headlines cried, referring to a string of robberies committed, much to Inspector Lestrade&#8217;s frustration, by the notorious Waters&#8217; family.This was swiftly abandoned for what the writers Moffat, Gatiss and Steve Thompson thought was the more pressing storyline, namely Holmes having to write his best man&#8217;s speech.Disappointingly, Watson&#8217;s wedding dominated the entire episode &#8211; and not because it was (eventually) the setting for an attempted murder.Opening up about his demons Jim said: &#8216;My life has always been in excess, I&#8217;ve always drank to what my job allowed me to do and eventually I found myself falling foul of the old Columbian marching powder, I didn&#8217;t know what to do.He continued as his housemates looked on shocked: &#8216;I had to make a difficult choice. I crawled from the pub to my ex wife&#8217;s bed and said &#8216;if you don&#8217;t help me now I am going to die&#8217;. cheap canada goose men uk <a href="">cheap canada goose man uk</a>She took me to somewhere, and I met up with a guy&#8230;it was me a guy and a few other people and a bible. &#8216;Even though I still drink a lot, I drink in a different way now. And I thank God everyday; I don&#8217;t go near any of the strong drugs. With the help of love from people and God I&#8217;ve overcome those demons.&#8217;Nothing about Sherlock&#8217;s preparations for the big day really worked.The 'humour' was uncharacteristically weak, twee, and predictable - with variations on the tired &#8216;elephant in the room&#8217; and &#8216;did I say that out loud?&#8217; gags. The stag night was so Zany, it had echoes of the kind of juvenile japes that Matt Smith and David Tennant had deployed to ruin Steven Moffat's other big show, Doctor Who.The sight of actors playing drunk should always be kept to a minimum but a pub crawl that took place to a dubstep version of the annoying trademark musical coda Moffat has (like Doctor Who) crow-barred into Sherlock was way too protracted to maintain any wit that even actors as good as Freeman and Cumberbatch could give it.The scenes of Holmes and Watson playing a tipsy round of &#8216;The Post It Note Game&#8217; were as toe-curling as watching your parents drunkenly embarrass themselves. (Jokes about Madonna?!

How very '80s.)And when Holmes started fumbling in his coat, it was so reminiscent of the eccentric antics of Messrs Tennant and Smith, for one awful moment I wondered whether Moffat was going to play one of his little in-jokes on us and have Sherlock produce a sonic screwdriver.It was almost a relief when he started scrambling around on the floor unbecomingly with his magnifying glass.Linda revealed that this time last week she was on benefits, and that she believed that being on Big Brother was going to help her get back on the straight and narrow.Earlier in the episode she revealed to Dappy that her biggest regret was not having children.Despite Linda saying in her VT that she would least like to share the house with Jim Davidson, the pair seem to be getting on well.The razor-sharp deductions that helped make the show&#8217;s name as one of the cleverest, most enjoyable on television, have become increasingly tenuous and irksome.If you have a waterproof cover on your phone, for example, Sherlock concluded that your partner will be perfectly entitled to suspect you of taking it into the shower for spells of illicit texting.As for the way Sherlock talked to Mrs Hudson ('Biscuits!' he ordered charmlessly) and Mary&#8217;s ex-boyfriend, he has started to just look thoroughly unpleasant.Holmes himself denied he was a &#8216;psychopath&#8217;, but only on the grounds (with a grin) that he was actually &#8216;a high functioning sociopath.'Either he liked people or he didn't.Chatting in the kitchen Jim confided in the singer about his wife, he said: &#8216;She&#8217;s been brilliant this last year.&#8217;He continued: &#8216;There was me then and there&#8217;s me now. It&#8217;s changed me. The self pity, the fear, the anger, blame. Fear mainly. Anyway it&#8217;s all done now. We&#8217;ll read about it one day and have a good laugh, well maybe not a good laugh.&#8217;Jim was referring to the fact that on 20 March 2013 he was arrested over allegations of sexual offenses by police officers working on Operation Yewtree. However, on 21 August 2013 it was announced no further action would be taken in relation to the allegations.Mostly, instead of the usual thrilling, intriguing murder mystery &#8216;The Sign Of Three&#8217; degenerated into a thoroughly tedious, cloying, love-fest.&#8216;The point I am trying to make is that I am the most unpleasant, rude, ignorant, and all-round obnoxious a**ehole that anyone could possibly have the misfortune to meet,&#8217; Holmes insisted during his best man&#8217;s speech &#8211; a view which, on this evidence, was hard to argue with.After this cold analysis though, as he turned to Dr. Watson and his new wife, Holmes became a bigger luvvie than Benedict Cumberbatch or Martin Freeman ever could.In terms of the other housemates and their stories, Jasmine Waltz revealed to her housemates that she punched Lindsay Lohan, and that &#8216;she deserved it&#8217;.Jasmine claimed Lindsay was verbally attacking her in a fight over a boy while they partied in the same nightclub. The actress said that at first she denied she had done it but it was proved on CCTV.

That much perhaps was acceptable but the sight of one so articulate and eloquent resorting to banal clichés was not. Watson&#8217;s blog he said described their &#8216;ridiculous adventures. Of murder, mystery and mayhem. But from now on there&#8217;s a new story, a bigger adventure.&#8217;Pass the sick bucket !Eventually, a case appeared &#8211; but only so that Watson and Mary could distract Sherlock from the wedding. It was just a shame the writers hadn&#8217;t followed their own idea. Even then, &#8216;The Bloody Guardsman&#8217; proved to be yet another opportunity for Holmes to lavish praise on Watson.&#8216;A murderer who can walk through walls. A weapon that can vanish. Yet, in all of this there is only one element that can be said to be truly remarkable.&#8217;Yes, guess who !&#8216;I never expected to be anyone&#8217;s best friend and certainly not the best friend of the bravest, and wisest and kindest human being I have ever had the good fortune of knowing.&#8217;&#8216;John, I am a ridiculous man, redeemed only by the constancy of your friendship,&#8217; he continued.&#8216;Mary, when I say you deserve this man, it is the highest compliment of which I am capable.. I know I speak for Mary as well when I say we will never let you down and we have a lifetime to prove that.&#8217;OK, we get it. Holmes liked Doctor Watson. We knew that.Dappy told the story of when he took a photo of his penis which helped him reach number one in the charts.TOWIE star Sam said that when she was once on holiday, she went on a nudist beach to get papped to &#8216;gain lots of press&#8217;.Former boxer Evander delighted housemates as he explained that due to gambling on a fight in 1992, he was able to buy a mansion for $20 million in cash, which caused a number of them to let out gasps.Reality star Ollie revealed that he had the most breaks ups &#8211; more than Spencer &#8211; on Made In Chelsea but people most remember him for having fake tan running down his face. Showbiz veteran Lionel told a rather lovely story about him once being stalked by Joan Collins, which led them to become great friends.Mail On Sunday columnist Liz said she is &#8216;controversial about mums&#8217;, children, and people who eat meat and Holly Willoughby which caused Phillip Schofield to tell her off on TV.Bizarrely, most viewers had probably worked out who the target for the attempted murder (Watson&#8217;s former major) was before Holmes did, even though Watson had told Sherlock: &#8216;he gets even more death threats than you canada goose women online uk <a href="">cheap canada goose women online uk</a>&#8217;While he tried to work out who it was, his speech became so rambling and tedious, it seemed aimless and improvised - which was the intention of course, but didn't make it any more entertaining or better television. It was still rambling.As whodunits went, the denouement was seriously below par and lacking in the tension Moriarty had used to bring to the show. It was never likely that Holmes would allow Watson&#8217;s wedding to be tarnished by the murder of his commander after all.Arachnids and water are not the most comfortable of bedfellows.So perhaps that is why Emma Stone looked so much more comfortable than her Amazing Spider-Man star beau Andrew Garfield when they went for a surfing lesson in Hawaii on Sunday.The saucy starlet managed to look like an old hand as she rode the waves, despite the fact she was being given a lesson by an experienced surfer.

For the Andy Murray lookalike looked very much the beginner as he rode the gentlest of waves towards the beach.However the 30-year-old, who reprises his role as schoolboy Peter Parker in the forthcoming superhero sequel, was looking in good shape in a vest and swimming shorts.No doubt he was able to remain philosophical about the whole thing however, as he has been studying the works of quack Swiss psychologist Carl Jung since 2012.The final twist - in which Sherlock deduced that Mary was pregnant with Doctor Watson&#8217;s baby - was more uncharacteristic, sentimental guff.Sherlock may have left the reception on his own, leaving Mrs Hudson, Watson and Mary dancing to Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, but it was a bit late to make him out to be all dark and moody.One almost expected a bomb to go off, blowing them all to smithereens.We hate to wish the new Mrs Watson ill-will of course, but the only way Moffat and co. can redeem themselves and give the show the short, sharp shock of the dispassionate disillusion and despair it was built on, is surely to bump her off next week.And the 25-year-old looked in fine figure indeed as she glided along on her board in shirts and a wetsuit top.But while some may have been admiring the Superbad actress' undoubtedly fantastic physique, the more discerning will surely have been awestruck at her prodigious surfing technique.Unfortunately there was not much to Marvel at when it came to her other half.He's known for playing tough characters, but Edward Norton was happy to show off his softer side during a day out with his baby son. The 44-year-old actor, whose film credits include Fight Club and American History X, was spotted with wife Shauna Robertson and their 10-month old boy after arriving at the Farmer&#8217;s Market in Malibu on Sunday. Ed looked seemed keen to maintain a low profile as he made his way across an adjoining car-park with his family, his head covered by a natty fedora and his eyes by a pair of shades. At one point the star cut something of a curious figure as he stepped back and sipped from a healthy bottle of fruit juice while Shauna wrestled with the pushchair.It was very much a case of life imitating art when Andrew and Emma started dating, as they fell in love while playing on-screen lovers in The Amazing Spider-Man.However his other half's future in the franchise looks in doubt, as Peter's true love is Mary Jane Watson, who he goes on to marry.Rarely spotted together in public, Ed and his 38-year-old producer wife looked content enough during what amounted to an infrequent day out with their son - whose name is yet to be disclosed - in Southern California. While the couple only recently came out about their marriage, they are believed to have gotten engaged in 2011 after six years of dating, and wed over a year ago in a secret ceremony.Emma's character Gwen Stacy meanwhile comes to a sticky end in the comic books, as she perished when Spider-Man failed to save her while duelling with arch enemy The Green Goblin in a landmark 1973 issue of the popular comic.The Amazing Spider-Man 2, which features Jamie Foxx as villain Electro, is slated for release on May 2 in the United States.
#3 | chatalex dnia March 15 2014 22:06:21
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15/05/2017 04:59
Kupię coś powerblaning!

01/04/2017 02:52
Ktoś chętny na praktycznie nowe (2 razy jeżdżone) Carbon Free montrego? Pfft Nietrafiony rozmiar :/

10/02/2017 06:17
Wybiera się ktoś na BLADE DAY do Skate In Park? Grin

29/11/2016 02:31
79610273 warsaw jak już ;D

16/04/2016 07:17
Panowie, mam nadzieją że jak wiecie to powiecie, where is te fuckin wroclove halla?! film jest mega a nie wystpuje w sieci do wglądu what happen?

11/04/2016 06:19
Siemka. Mam nietypowe pytanie. Czy mając nogę 27,5 cm mozna sie zmieścic w remzy roz. 43 ?

29/03/2016 18:08
Back into game after 15 yrs!

15/09/2015 02:05
Hejka wszystkim. Rozumiem że ciepło, sezon i inne takie (no u mnei nie za bardzo) ale że aż taka cisza na forum to się nie spodziewałem Grin

20/08/2015 01:25
hej wszystkim!

15/08/2015 02:29
hej Smile właśnie się tuta zarejestrowałam - uwielbiam rolki ale mam dość podstawowy model i teraz rozglądam się za czymślepszym więc pewnie będę was męczyć zapytaniami Smile