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Bruins will honor Sam Berns and his legacy ahead of house game
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Dodany dnia 31-07-2014 17:11

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Getty Images</p>Sam Berns was a Boston Bruins fan, and an individual who produced an unforgettable impression on the team</p><br/><p>Berns was the encounter of progeria, the genetic disorder that final results in fast, premature aging in youngsters. It&#8217;s extremely uncommon &#65533;?some research puts it at one particular in eight million births &#65533;?but Berns did all he could to bring consideration to the condition, which includes as the star of an HBO documentary referred to as &#8220;Life According to Sam,&#65533;?which is up for Oscar consideration Shawn Thornton Jersey.</p><br/><p>On Nov. 9, Berns was the honored guest of the Bruins on &#8220;Progeria Awareness Night&#65533;?at TD Garden. He dropped the very first puck and was an assistant gear manager for the game, meeting his hockey heroes &#65533;?which includes Zdeno Chara, who towered in excess of the diminutive fan.</p><br/><p>From the Bruins site:</p><br/><blockquote><p>&#8220;Getting to know Sam was a privilege,&#34 stated Zee. &#34It began as a slow friendship and then became more powerful as we received to know every single other far more and much more. You know, I loved Sam.&#65533;?/p><br/><p>&#8220;It was huge motivation for me, and clearly an inspiration to so numerous folks to see him going through various stages of adversity Patrice Bergeron Jersey, and the way he dealt with them, and how positive he was. He was just a large inspiration and it was actually entertaining to see him currently being such an icon, and representing Progeria. He assisted so considerably to raise awareness.&#34</p><br/><p>&#34As a player, as his pal, and just a human getting, I was honored to get to know him.&#34</p></blockquote><br/><p>Berns, a high-college junior, died on Friday due to issues from progeria. The Bruins will honor his legacy and memory on Tuesday evening with a second of silence before their game towards the Toronto Maple Leafs.</p><br/><p>Through the Bruins: &#8220;Expressions of sympathy and assistance might be expressed utilizing #prfsam on Twitter and The Progeria Foundation Facebook web page and/or directed to The Progeria Investigation Basis at P.O. Box 3453, Peabody, MA 01961-3453.&#65533;?/p><br/><ul><li>Boston Bruins</li></ul>

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